The Blockchain Trading Platform of the Future That the Financial Industry Needs Now



The world’s most reliable and secure crypto trading platform built to meet institutional needs.

Reliable Reliable

  • + Synchronous multi-site data replication and fail-over for high-availability
  • + Architecture scales to millions of markets and hundreds of millions of clients
  • + Innovative new technology for order fulfillment and execution
  • + Multiple clearing algorithms, customizable by market
  • + API support for robot-friendly trading
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Secure Secure

  • + Multi-layer, segmented architecture
  • + Intrusion detection and active defense
  • + Hardened against attack at OS, run-time, and application layers
  • + Internal use of signed messaging eliminates most system trust
  • + Keys are always offline, physically protected from insiders
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Support Support

  • + Hands on, responsive, 24/7 support team
  • + Industry-leading compliance framework for institutional clients
  • + Complete suite of client risk management tools
  • + Fully customizable reporting
  • + User sub-accounts with individual risk and order preferences
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Regulated Regulated

  • + Fully compliant with Swiss FINMA rules
  • + AML and KYC verification at internationally recognized levels
  • + Continual system audits to check balances and account histories
  • + Quarterly third-party financial and compliance audits by Big Four and licensed compliance audit firms
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Millions of Trades per Second with Zero Lost Trades, Guaranteed

Speed Is Easy. Reliability Is Hard. We Do Both!


+ Custom Hardware Architecture for High Speed Trading
+ Modular, Customizable Matching Algorithms


+Multi-site operations
+All trades synchronously replicated
+Automated and fast recovery from site failure


+Support for over 10,000 assets and over 100,000,000 trading pairs
+Support for more than 10,000,000 users

A Full Suite of Institutional
Product Offerings

Exchanges Are Different



Purpose-built on-platform market making systems


Secure “smart trading” development environment


Off-platform market making for greater liquidity


Execution services to assist with large trades


The Most Secure Exchange Architecture

Protecting Institutional Assets Unlike Anyone Else

Client Security

  • + Customizable security policies from simple 2FA up to customizable multi-factor, multi-channel authentication
  • + Customizable multi-party authorization policies
  • + Secure client devices for both authentication and trade authorization

System Security

  • + Cloud resources used for site scaling, but with zero security dependence
  • + Short-lived encryption keys
  • + Multi-layer intrusion detection and prevention in OS, run-time, and application
  • + Automated active intrusion response

Organizational Security

  • + Proprietary “Drawbridge” Protocol for restoring key backups
  • + Thorough employee background checking
  • + Systematic process integrity checks

Physical Security

  • + Innovative cold wallet protects against both digital and physical key disclosure (patent pending)
  • + Attempted cold wallet compromise causes physical key destruction
  • + Keys never exist in any one location other than inside cold wallet
  • + Multi-site hardware & data redundancy keeps site running

Development Security

  • + Physically-secured, air-gapped development environment
  • + Special-purpose publication engines
  • + Cryptographically-checked source-built code
Support Person

Giving Institutions The White Glove Treatment They Need

New Markets and New Trading Experiences Call for the Best in Support, Which Castle Exchange Provides

Pre Sales Support

Sales support during on-boarding to ensure best first impression

After Sales Training

Continued training after sale to maximize adoption & stickines

FAQ & Automated Support

For the fastest response time, computer-aided support tools let clients get back to trading quickly

Phone Support 24/7/365

Global staff ready to handle client support needs


Switzerland: The World’s Most Beloved Financial Jurisdiction

FINMA has a long-standing reputation for credibility


Globally recognized for regulatory excellence


Strict AML & KYC Adherence


Open-minded towards Fintech & crypto

It Takes a Different Kind of Team to Build an Institutional Platform. Ours Has Built Trading Platforms for Decades

Founder & CEO

A career as a pioneer in the e-commerce space, a CTO, a quant at Goldman Sachs, and a private equity investor.
+ Corporate Governance
+ Senior Management
+ Financial Risk Analytics
+ Private Equity Investing

Chief Software Architect

Multiple decades’ experience managing global teams at global, top tier banks, where he designed, built and managed high-availability trading and risk management systems
+ Infrastructure Development
+ Computer Security
+ High-Availability Systems
+ Functional Programming

The Funky Bunch

Front and back office supported by a team of high IQ and experienced professionals with a track record of successful large-scale financial and technological projects
+ Institutional Sales
+ Scalable Software Development
+ Financial Institution Compliance & Risk Management
+ Global Expertise